May 212010

Continuing from Part 2…..

I’m still at Lola’s house.  Everywhere I look there is something interesting to  photograph.  I don’t really visit her enough, I see… and certainly have never spent this much time looking around her porch.  In fact, for every cactus there are as many mementos and I could spend another couple hours just taking pics of those.  Now that I think about it, I may have to go back to take a photo of her dear-departed-husband’s favorite-desert-walking-sneakers filled now with cactii.

Anyway, here are some of the photos that I took:

ISO 80  f/2.8 1/20

The flowers are gone but the red pods (?) are still fantastic looking.

ISO 80  f/2.8 1/200  Levels adjusted

ISO 80  f/2.8 1/40 Levels adjusted to make the green pop a bit.

Maybe could have used the above photo for “circles.”


ISO 80  f/2.8 1/200    Love the light on this one.

ISO 80  f/2.8 1/100

The above cactus is showing off its shiny new growth. Isn’t that neat?

ISO 80  f/2.8 1/200

This last photo is a bit weird.  It is called a “fish hook” cactus because of the –duh — the fish hook shaped prickers… as if the straight ones weren’t enough! I’m thinking I went too far on the macro on this one.  I debated before posting it.

Do you want to know the real irony?  I wasn’t going to do this assignment until later in the day or more likely I’d begin it tomorrow.  The UPS truck was due to arrive within then next couple of hours — to  bring me my new camera!

See my next posting to learn more about that COOL purchase!

  5 Responses to “Friday Assignment: Close to Home Pt 3”

  1. What a great series. They are all very nice and interesting photos.

  2. […] S suggested that I crop one of my cactus photos from the Friday Assignment, Close to Home.  I thought her suggestion good and that it would be easy to do. Ha!  I cropped about ten ways […]

  3. Hope you’ll go back for a visit with Lola soon! And, I’m with Tammy, looking forward to hearing what the UPS man brought you!

  4. I am so glad that you captured all of these, they are all fascinating, and my favorite as well is the last picture…very unique and artsy!

    I can hardly wait to hear about your purchase!! :)

  5. A gold star for the Friday Tip postings! I’m really glad you posted that last image. It’s my favorite of the group and I don’t think you went too far at all. The textures and lines are wonderful. I like that shot you suggested for a circle shot too. I’d like to see that one cropped close in a square format to eliminate the distraction of the bright white on the right and the pot in the upper left. If you cut it close, maybe even clipping just a little of the cactus but keeping some of the blur, you could really focus the attention on the texture of the spines. And it would fit for the Mini-Assignment too – showing use of shallow depth of field. You have a lot of good examples of shallow depth of field – be sure to post a few of your favorites to the link on the assignment!

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