May 212010

Continuing from Part 1 — This is the second thing that Lola wanted me to see — her dove family!  Aren’t they phenomenal?

Lola has had  many families over the years but most of the babies do not survive.   This year she set aside an empty plant pot high up on a shelf with some nesting materials.  Of course, the parents did not nest in such an obvious place. Instead they built their nest in the cactus plant right next to the empty planter.

I had to stand on a stool to get the picture. I think  Lola must stand on the stool and look at them a lot because the mother (or is that the father?)  was not nervous.

I think it is my best baby dove photo yet.

But alas, I did not stop taking photos after seeing the two things that Lola wanted me to see.  This woman has cactii everywhere!  Oh what a cactus-loving photographer’s delight!

See Part 3 for more…

  6 Responses to “Friday Assignment: Close to Home Pt. 2”

  1. Never seen the young ones this close. Great shot.

  2. What a great capture, we have them nesting around our house but I never have seen the little ones before, very cool!!

  3. Great family portrait! So cool you could get so close. Aren’t they awesome?!

  4. I can’t believe they let you so close….what an adorable family, I have never seen baby doves…the blue around their eyes is just gorgeous!

  5. Nice detail and the bit of cactus in the front is a nice touch.

  6. What great detail you captured, those eyes especially are so fine. With lots of cactus around don’t go falling off stools in pursuit of the perfect shot!

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