May 212010

Woo-hoo this is my kind of assignment: “So this Friday’s tip is to stay close to home – in your yard, or at least within a block of home.  Look around to find a unique angle, an interesting view, or perhaps a close up of something that you might otherwise pass by.”

So, I was sitting outside reading a book (on my new iPad if you must know) when my nice neighbor Lola came over and asked if I wanted to see something neat. I make a lot of promises to Lola that I’ll come by and see her  but don’t always follow through.  But hey, sensing a photo opportunity, I grabbed my camera and walked back to her place, which is only a few sites away, certainly qualifying for close to home.

And this is what she had to show me!

Above: ISO 80; f/8; 1/500; 7:52am

Below: ISO 80; f/8; 1/500; 7:52am

Both: cropped, levels adjusted, burned a bit and added a vignette

I don’t know the name of this cactus blo0m. I spent considerable time searching the web and everyone labels it essentially the same, a complimentary adjective followed by “cactus bloom.” What I do know about this bloom, I learned last summer when I saw it in Tucson. It is here one morning and gone the next.

Below is the best photo that I took last summer — I found them while riding my bike. It seems I was smart enough to play around with the ev button. But the lighting was different and there were a whole lot of them together. Seeing them for the first time took my breath away.

ISO 80; f/8; 1/500 -0.67ev August 29, 2009 9:07am

Actually there were 2 things that Lola wanted to share.  See Part 2.

  5 Responses to “Friday Assignment: Close to Home Pt 1”

  1. Very Beautiful and all shot perfectly. Love the so soft, sutle colors of the cactus bloom’s.

  2. Such a great presentation of difference in texture and hues. Beautifully done!

  3. Wish I had these close to home…cactus blooms are always so vibrant and alive…love the middle image with the light shining through the petals…it almost makes the bloom glow!

  4. Beautiful! The first shot is nice showing the interior detail but the second shot is my favoite as the bloom stands out against the evenly textured background.

  5. How beautiful! Wonderfully shot, with the white it would be easy to blow out. I think most cactus blooms are very short lived.

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