May 162010

(ISO 80  f/5 1/400 8:27am)

This “masked man” lives in the RV Park across the street from us along with about dozen other metal sculptures.

Of course, this is was not an obvious shot for me.  Sometimes what you see everyday, you don’t notice. Instead, I rode my bicycle all over town looking for circles… took some very strange but not so interesting photos (a round white table tossed from a pizza stand was by far the worst of the lot in which some wise-guy wanted to know if I was going to post it on ebay).  I had finally given up on a good circle and was moving on to capture something that could work for “distance” when this masked man stopped me (see his guns?).  I was like, “woah… what a round face you have!”  Then I started to notice all the circles. Far too many for an accurate count!

So, here is my submission for circles.

Also snuck around the corner… and took this quick photo of the Sheriff. As I was technically trespassing, I only had time for one quick photo as I heard voices approaching.  I think the Sheriff had called in reinforcements. So I got out of Dodge quickly.

I really should visit when the office is open and find out more about these sculptures… and get permission to photograph them.

  7 Responses to “Friday Assignment: Circles”

  1. These are really cool. Reminds me of a place in Cave Creek, AZ. that had this type of art for sale.

  2. I’d love to see what Tammy’s yard would look like if she actually acquired all the stuff she’s seen and coveted on the Photowalk this year! 😉

    These guys are way cool and so is your story…

  3. These metal gunslingers are quite a hoot!! I like an artist with a sense of humor. Made me smile!

  4. I was also thinking of going back with a different time of day. Even thought this is still early morning, the sun had been up for nearly two hours. I was thinking going at the end of day and see what the evening light does for them. And you are right… different angles would help. Anyway, its Monday so the office should be open….

  5. I think I need these, way too fun!

  6. I have never encoutered RV Art before and am not even sure how to view this. ???

  7. He’s one interesting fella. Perhaps if you get permission to shoot them again you’ll have a chance to experiment with serveral different angles. Just watch out that they don’t draw those guns and shoot back.

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