Apr 192010

This is another version of the theme “faucet.”  A hydrant in the middle of nearly nowhere.  Seriously.  I found this on a long stretch of road.  I suppose that someday there will be something on this plot of land to warrant the hydrant.

The first and second photos were taken with the hydrant in the smack middle of the photo in order to break the rule of 3s.  If these photos seem to work,  it may be that there are still 3s at play;  the landscape divides each  photo into thirds.  (So, once again not sure that I passed this assignment!)

The close-up photo was taken following the rule of thirds…  the best out of the batch if you ask me. But you didn’t. So, I’ll ask you… what do you think?

  4 Responses to “Friday Assignment: Break Rule of Thirds, Again”

  1. I agree! The wide shot tells it all!

  2. I love the story the wide shot tells. With the emptiness all round it may be a while before that developer makes it.

  3. I love the wide angled picture…love how you showed the desolate land surrounding the hydrant…it speaks volumes compared to the close up image!

  4. So this is the land wes wants to be Mayor of! Well with a Hydrant in situe he is bound to get the doggie vote. Great fun Shots, so observant.

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