Apr 182010

I rode around town for 2 hours this morning trying to find a decent photo breaking the rule of thirds.   When I saw this sign… I thought this is it.  How can I fail?  It deserves to be the center of the photo, right?


This is the same sign but following the rule of thirds:

I think this second photo tells more of a story then the top one.  What do you think?

  5 Responses to “Friday Assignment: Break Rule of Thirds”

  1. The second is a terrific image. Great color, diminishing perspective, element of the unexpected, and the fact that you followed the rule of third is what ties it all together visually. The first image is a yawner in my view…

  2. In this case the second definitely shows the entire story, it is funny how a simple move of the camera makes this into a totally different image!

    • Tammy… that’s what I’m learning from doing these Photowalk exercises… I can’t tell you home much I appreciate what you, Karen, Mary Lou and Julie do to keep us blogging.

  3. I think both do the specific job you intended, but speaking of Jobs why does Wes want to be mayor of that strip of bushland?

    • Good question, Ron! And, that is exactly what is in contention in this Mayoral race… does Quartzsite stay as is, or does it move “forward” and become more city-like. Wes is the nicest guy and the more honest of the two candidates (the other one tells lies, well, “like a politician”), but I also worry that Wes (and all those who will get re-elected with him) could ruin what I like about this town — that is that there isn’t anything much here. The charm of Quartzsite has been the total unorganized, anarchy that goes on in the winter months… and that has already started to change as the town council comes up with more and more rules — to increase property value and taxes to raise money to add more value to the town. Nothing new that hasn’t happened before…

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