Jul 112010

Tammy suggested that I try some different processing techniques on my Fantasy (mistake) photo. This is fun. All adjustments were made in Aperture. The last one is my own creation.

Gian Guido Zurli Presets / 1963 Zapruder


Simone Vitale Presets / Terra Bruciata


Gian Guido Zurli Presets / Public Enemies Opening Scene


Simone Vitale Presets / DayMail Vignette


Simone Vitale Presets / Definition Clarity


And, finally – from my own recipe:

Chesney Vignette

  7 Responses to “FOLLOWUP: Fantasy Play”

  1. Love the changes in colors and effects! They all have their strengths and it would be hard to pick a favorite. I just love the look of this photograph.

  2. Chesney vignette is the winner in my eyes too! I’m glad you didn’t try that Danudin Darkside Preset – that could have brought forth trolls, gremlins and far worse!

  3. Since the fairy was too quick for your shutter, you’ll just have to add the fairy! Here’s a link to a set of fairy brushes:


  4. I can see why you named that the Chesney Vignette, – It is starting to ferment.

  5. These are all so fun…but my favorite (and favorite name) has to be the Chesney Vignette LOL I love those purple and blue tones…now that fairy needs to fly out! :) AWESOME!!!

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