Sep 042010

ISO 80; f/8; 1/640; 7.7mm; 5:15pm (Canon Powershot SD950IS in M mode)

This was taken through the new windshield.  Too bad it won’t stay this clean and clear for very long!  Anyway, payback for the down side of having to write a  check for insurance deductible; the upside is that it makes the car feel new.  Considering that we just made the last payment on our 5-year loan, it’s not a bad birthday present for “Ms. Prius.”

  4 Responses to “Follow-up: So Very Clear”

  1. Always good to feel like you have a new car – especially when its paid off! Good image when looking into the sun.

  2. The futures looking brighter too:)

  3. Looks like the sun is shining on your Prius’ new windshield! Amazing exposure considering the bright sun. Cool!!

  4. Maybe I need to change my windshield so that I too can get good pictures (beats cleaning it anyways)! :)

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