Jun 072010

June 2009

I love looking at this photo.  For one thing, I have a thing about borders.  It fascinates me as to where one place begins and another ends.

Perhaps, that is because I was born on the border, at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Hospital in Kittery, Maine.  This is right on the Piscataqua River which divides the states of Maine and NH.  Every once in a while there is the promise of a legal battle to redraw the map so that the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is in Portsmouth, NH.  Essentially if that ever happened, would I then have been born in NH instead of Maine?

This is on the border of South Dakota and Wyoming and in the distance is the state of Nebraska.   But even if it wasn’t about borders, I would like this photo.

This was taken when we took a quick car trip up to South Dakota to get new driver licenses and plates for our RV and car. We are no longer NH residents, nor are we Arizona residents. RVers know the loopholes for how to be a nomad in the US.

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