Nov 172010

Cholla and Mountain 726

ISO 80; f/5.6; 1/500; 13.8mm; 11/11/10 11334am (Canon SX10 in P mode)

Another exercise in using the Aperture and the Topaz products together.  Although I have many other “finished” images of this, this is the final attempt.  In this one, I did the following:

1) Ran it through Topaz deJpeg, with the high quality jpeg setting.

2) Ran it through Topaz Simplify Image Crisp Edge – slight tweaks (but didn’t make notes!)

3) Back in Aperture, ran it through the Preset Quick Fix, and adjusted levels to my liking.

4) Increased Green Saturation

5) Painted definition to the Mountains and landscape.

6) Straightened and Cropped

7) Ran through Topaz DeNoise – moderate, but might have tweaked something

8) Straightened again… still seemed crooked.

9) Exported adding a watermark… discovered that I have not been exporting at best resolution!

I ran through parts of these steps several times, scrapping the image and starting over again, adding in more steps.  Thanks to Tammy’s remark on the last photo, I decided to run it through Topaz deNoise.  But then on another run through, I realized running it through deJpeg first would make most sense… and then doing deNoise last.

I am enjoying learning how to use Topaz and Aperture together.  It takes a long time to finish a photo but the lessons learned are well worth it.

Again,  please be honest/critical with your comments!


  1. I love your composing on this. I have a hard time knowing when to stop sometimes in processing but really enjoy the learning curve,

  2. Nicely done, Thanks for posting your exif data. Have you tried other modes besides the “P” ( I assume Program mode) ? I use Topaz a lot also.

    • On this trip I used a lot of P mode because I never knew how much time I would have for my shots… and I didn’t want to mess up. As it is, the majority of shots (but not this one) were taken from a moving vehicle. I hope to publish more from the trip soon.

  3. I think you did a really fine job! The final result is clear and sharp. The foreground really adds to the composition. I think you are right about running DeNoise last. Looks like you have got the process down!
    I agree that it doesn’t look overprocessed. Well done!!

  4. You will get faster at the process…I use one form or another of topaz on almost every image and it actually goes really quick now.

    This is just outstanding ….. I love all of the fine details on this image, and I love how natural looking you kept the image! Beautiful work!

  5. Lovely Spikes and spires.

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