Jul 072013

cadilllac 1749

An old Cadillac on a truck frame. We were sitting outside at Starbuck’s in Lake Havasu City and heard this story. An old guy in his ’80s bought his wife a Cadillac. She really didn’t want it. So he said to her, if you don’t want it, then I’m going to do something really silly with it. So he rebuilt the whole car and put it on this truck frame.

Aug 192010

ISO 80; f/4; 1/1000; 13.7mm; 4:00PM (Canon Powershot SD950IS)

After our excursion out to Rainbow Acres, we stopped here to see how much they want for that park model. Don’t you love this “mix” of stuff they sell?  This “car dealer” is located in Quartzsite, and has some amazing cars from the 50s and 60s.  Promise to go back and try to get some photos without the fence when it cools down here next month.

Usual Aperture post-processing.

Jun 152010

Vehicle 1 273Sometimes the sum of its parts is greater than the whole. This car has been for sale for months.  It looks good from far away but not so good up close.  I took some standard whole car shots, but thought it was rather boring. So, I decided to try for parts. While trying to figure out which part I liked the best, I decided to visit PSE  and the put parts together.  I then brought the finished photo back to Aperture for a little burning and saturation painting.

Apr 052010

This morning I was up and dressed while the sun was still rising in the east.  After saying goodbye  to my neighbor Mark — he’s heading back to Minnesota for the summer season — I walked around to see what the morning light would reveal to me.  Found this Pagsta Roadsta looking very neglected.

I was hesitate to touch up this photo, afraid I’d lose the “neglected” effect of the photo.  But, Aperture has some fine tools and I was able to bring out some of the fine colors under the dirt.

Feb 182010

I was at the model airplane field… and I noticed this model airplane and the jet contrail… and of course I thought “big & small.”  We know that the jet is “big” and the model airplane is “small”  but perspective makes the the jet “small” (actually invisible without its contrail) and the model airplane “big.”

Since this is not great resolution, I decided to not crop and just let the “big” blue sky overpower all, and make everything look “small.”

Enough play on the theme, don’t you think?