Aug 202013

spoke -clarity lens effect restyle 1777

“Did I say that?” By this monkey’s expression, he may have already have spoken those “evil” words.  I am loving TOPAZ ReStyle.  Just to show you what it can do, here is the original image, after running it through Topaz Clarity and Lens Effect / UV Haze: Continue reading »

Jul 072013

cadilllac 1749

An old Cadillac on a truck frame. We were sitting outside at Starbuck’s in Lake Havasu City and heard this story. An old guy in his ’80s bought his wife a Cadillac. She really didn’t want it. So he said to her, if you don’t want it, then I’m going to do something really silly with it. So he rebuilt the whole car and put it on this truck frame.

Jun 242013

camera 1735

I was poking around in some shops in Wickenburg, AZ on Saturday and saw this old 35mm film camera.  Turns out this really heavy camera is a Contax II which was released in 1936. It was the first camera with a rangefinder and viewfinder combined in a single window.  Rangefinder cameras were common from the 1930s to the 1970s, but the more advanced models lost ground to single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras. (Information from Camerapedia and Wikipedia.)

Would love to know where this camera has been and who was its lucky owner?  I’m sure it was more camera than I could afford! Do you think your camera will be sitting on shelf somewhere in 75 years?


Jun 202013

ascend 1734

We watched this man ascend this new cell relay tower being installed in Quartzsite.  When he got to the top he started to rock the pole back and forth trying to get the straps free from the tower.   The zoom on my camera captured this perfectly, I think.


Mar 172013

paper 1692

This is made from a paper  place setting holder and a straw wrapper. It was a gift from the woman who sat in the booth next to us; she made it while they waited for their lunch to arrive. Isn’t it adorable? I especially like that she signed it.

Mar 022013

honky tonk blues 1690


Everyone has a favorite place to take photos. One of mine is Celia’s Garden in Quartzsite, especially when everything is in bloom and the birds are at the feeders.  This time of year it is rather barren… and this year more so than ever due to the especially cold winter in which we actually had a killing frost a few nights in a row.

Anyway, Celia’s Garden is a memorial for people who have lived in this town and the place is named after a girl who died too young, but had a vision for this place… brought to life my her parents.