Feb 202013

handmade 1687

This woman is working on a new quilt blanket during the show. Or maybe , she is a wizard a la Harry Potter…

By the way, I am finding myself getting more bold in my portraits and actually asking people if I can take their pictures rather than just sneaking… it does make a better portrait when the subject looks at the photographer.

Feb 102013

old 1679

This elderly man is clearing the sand from a fossil of a prehistoric predecessor to the alligator/crocodile.  My theme refers to the fossil. But as the man put it, he’s almost as old as the fossil.

old man 1680


As he explained the process of cleaning the fossil… I asked permission to take his picture.  Then I looked around and found an Ammonite pendant that I could afford.  His wife came out of the trailer, slowly, and dug for my change.  I am very impressed that this couple still come back year after year to do the Quartzsite shows.

old woman getting change 1681

Today is the last day of the show.  They intend to stay in Quartzsite for at least another week before they head back to Seligman, AZ… since it is still snowing up there.



Feb 032013

rock beads 1676


I just have to show one more collection of rock beads… this one a bit more convoluted. It was taken from the heap on the table in this photo:

via show 1677

This wraps it up for this year’s annual QIA POW WOW Gem & Mineral Show.  In two weeks, there’s a gold show in the same location… a first time show, so I don’t know what to expect.  I hope to find my POT O’ photo during that show.


Feb 022013

beads 1673

Every year I take at least one photo of this collection of rock beads… they are arranged beautifully by complimentary colors.  I was talking to the booth owner and my eyes kept going back to these colors… so I (actually) asked permission and he said go ahead.  And then he walked me to another booth to show me a rock he liked.  Was he trying to get me out of his booth?  Here are some previous photos:



Feb 012013

amber 1674

These golden necklaces are made of Baltic Amber found in Lithuania.  Some of the necklaces are made of polished amber and others are rough or unfinished amber.  Apparently, amber offers a lot of healing properties.  As an example, the owner of this booth was telling me how he and his wife made a teething for their daughter who hence has never experienced any discomfort from teething due to these properties.  I had my eye on one of the raw necklaces and still regret that I didn’t buy it.  I liked it for its unusual colors, not sure I was sold on the healing strengths.


Jan 312013

portraiture 1673

Another portrait… She looks to be Native American as well with those long beautiful silver braids. This event is called a “Pow Wow” but it is not really an Native American event… but since many Native American’s make jewelry they are vendors. By the way, this event has been held annually since 1967.