May 052013

room with a view 1 1727

room with a view two 1719

room with a view 3 1720

Stone cabins like this one can be found throughout the desert near Quartzsite, AZ. Many of the settlers were miners. Every time we visit one, it really makes us think about how life must have been for these rugged individuals.

We’ve been to this one a few times… but I never grow tired of it. Yesterday morning when Carl asked which direction to travel on the ATV, I chose this area because I thought the Saguaro cactus would all be in bloom. They weren’t. But, I had in the back of my mind that this would also be where I would concentrate on the theme “room with a view.”

The view in the photo above is of Quartzite. The air was “smoky” from the fires in Southern California and thus not the best view of the Mountains.  The fires are about 100 miles east of us.

The photos below gives a better idea of what the cabin looks like.

stone cabin front 1722

stone cabin 1721

Apr 082013



We went back out on our ATV yesterday… and found our first rattlesnakes! Scary! Fortunately we were on the ATV already… not walking although we had been walking only moments earlier. I was ready to flee the area, but Carl stopped to let me take pictures.

This was taken with my brand new SX50 HS with a great telephoto lens. I processed the photos by reducing the yellow in Aperture and then painting the yellow back in on the snakes so that they can be seen, otherwise they are very will camouflaged by nature.

Apr 062013

action 1706

Carl and I head out for a ride in the desert on our Canam 2-up quad. This unusual camera angle gives the image the feel of action. To be honest, the pictures an accident I started to take a picture, but Carl started driving again and I gave up on the picture but the 2-sec delay kicked in as may arm was lowering the camera — in other words, I doubt I could repeat this again with good results.

Mar 172013


lunch 1694

This is the woman who made the man in the canoe (see previous photo). I don’t know either of them, but they do represent the general population here in this small town, which is mostly senior citizens.  This photo is taken in the Mountain Quail Restaurant and from her signature on the canoe, her name is Mary Seely.

Mar 102013

Laundromat 1690

I’ve been caught up in reading my book all weekend and thus not really working on the themes… but I did go to the laundromat and snuck in some photos while waiting for my wash.

What strikes me about this photo is that this could be my own laundry… I have a towel similar to the one hanging here and sock that looks exactly like one of Carl’s. When Carl glanced over my shoulder he thought it was a picture of our own laundry. I guess laundry can be fairly universal.

Below is my laundry in the washer, for what its worth (so now back to reading my book!):

Laundromat 2 1691

Mar 022013

honky tonk blues 1690


Everyone has a favorite place to take photos. One of mine is Celia’s Garden in Quartzsite, especially when everything is in bloom and the birds are at the feeders.  This time of year it is rather barren… and this year more so than ever due to the especially cold winter in which we actually had a killing frost a few nights in a row.

Anyway, Celia’s Garden is a memorial for people who have lived in this town and the place is named after a girl who died too young, but had a vision for this place… brought to life my her parents.