Aug 102013

fire 1764

Caught this when Carl picked me up for lunch yesterday… this town is mostly RVs, park models and other prefabricated homes and buildings.  So when you see a black column of smoke, it always makes your heart skip a beat.  When they burn, they burn fast and hot.  The gray is the steam from the fireman’s hose.

This wasn’t the only excitement for the day.  Just as I was heading back from lunch, the power went out and stayed out for the next 2 hours.  It came back on and then went out again a couple hours later.  Afternoons are the hottest time of day… and when temps are over 100 degrees, we really miss the air conditioner.  No, I didn’t get the afternoon off… we stay open even when the power is out.


Jul 212013

Kuehn Road Closed 1756

Carl and I went to Blythe for a cup of coffee yesterday… needed the caffeine after the previous nights thunder boomers… on the way back we got off the highway at Dome Rock Road and then after talking about some new rumored development going on, we stayed straight on Kuehn Road to check it out. Well… we weren’t thinking about the wash flowing… and we came across this road block. Isn’t it pretty? This was taken at 3:15pm.

Jul 212013

Tyson Wash 1755

About 3am Saturday morning we woke to a terrific thunder and lightening… and rain. The wash filled and was still flowing well at 11:30 am (when I finally went out to see what it looked like… was very tired from lack of sleep!).

Later in the day we took another look — this is what it looked like at 3:30pm:
Tyson Wash at 3-30pm 1757

You can see the cement sewer openings again and there is a lot less water under the bridge.  (I should have stood in the same, but I had a different camera with me on the second picture and didn’t think about it until I started working on the photos last night.)

Anyway, this is where we usually start off our ATV trips (see here) since we have to entrances from our park into the wash and from the wash we can get most anywhere for great adventure. But not on days like this! Not unless we add a kayak to our toy collection. But even then it would have to be a quick trip since it is only a temporary river.

Jul 142013

wet 1750

Monsoon season eventually brings buckets of rain… at least for a few hours. This was taken on Thursday… no chance to go out and play in the desert on this day!

Even though we have an awning over the front and side of our home, everything gets wet when it rains this hard, including our front windows.

I have been working on thinning out old photos within Aperture (goal is delete 5000 photos before I return to work on Monday) and also doing a better job of organizing the photos, including adding keywords.  There is a lot of personal history being unearthed and was surprised to learn that it was  approximately one year ago when the washes last filled. For some reason I thought it occurred in August each year, but photos reveal that had I looked at my photos before taking my vacation I would have know that this two week period is the time of record highs and record deluge.

Jul 012013

morning 1738

Day 3 of Staycation: This morning I decided to take a bike ride rather than a walk for my early morning exercise. As I was putting air in my tire, I looked up and saw this beautiful scene. It’s clear as to why our park is called “Holiday Palms.”

I was only going to ride my bike for about 30 minutes, but with the clouds filtering the direct sunlight, I ended up being out for two hours… the last half hour or so taking photos of an some of our abandoned buildings.

Jun 202013

ascend 1734

We watched this man ascend this new cell relay tower being installed in Quartzsite.  When he got to the top he started to rock the pole back and forth trying to get the straps free from the tower.   The zoom on my camera captured this perfectly, I think.


Jun 122013

tree 1733

It’s really too hot for a desert ride this time of year… but we took a quick trip on Sunday anyway. Although it was a beautiful sunny day, this tree made me want to experiment with Topaz B&W (after I ran it through Topaz Clarity).

You can see “Q” Mountain in the background..   The Q is for Quartzsite.

After seeing Ron’s comment, I decided to post the original…  so why would I take away the colors?  Because I could.

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May 262013

palo verde seed pods 1730

I know, I know!  This is NOT an “evergreen” tree… but here in the Sonoran Desert we have the Palo Verde tree (Green Tree) obviously named for its bark and I decided it works for this theme!  If it is a dry year, the leaves fall off a Palo Verde and photosyntheses works through the branches and trunks. However there is no chance of this tree losing its leaves since it is growing in the wash.

It has recently had its beautiful display of yellow blossoms, which in turn has produced the green pods.

Below is picture of the Palo Verde trees in bloom in the wash in April.

palo verde in bloom 1731