Apr 142010

Dappled sidewalk 020

The thing that I’m discovering with this PhotoWalk project is that there are so many serendipitous moments.  That is, I set out to take a photo of one thing and I come home with something completely different and unexpected.

There is a bit of trickery to this photo.  Any guesses?

Mar 302010

From my Mac built-in dictionary:

disorder |disˈôrdər|


a state of confusion : tiresome days of mess and disorder.

• the disruption of peaceful and law-abiding behavior : recurrent food crises led to periodic outbreaks of disorder.

Maybe I read or see too many dystopian books/movies!  I look a this photo and the refrain “Four Dead in Ohio” goes through my head…

This was not staged…  a friend was showing us this toy, driving it over piles of rocks to show what it could do, and I was snapping pictures.  I saw this shot coming about and well… I got it!

I processed this in PSE 8 — burned in the blue color a bit, cloned out a pesky bungy cord lying under the big truck, added a layer and used the Water Color filter at 50% transparency and cropped to this odd (disorderly) shape.

Also of note… since the photo was taken just after 3:30 on a slightly overcast day… enough to keep the harsh sunlight out.

Of course, it if was February, I would have used  this for “Big and Small” and kept my civil disorder  observations to myself <grin>.

Mar 292010

Any guesses on what this is? No… not it’s not a MOMA abstract painting. It’s a macro view of of a piece of  blue glass slag that I found at the Rock Shop.  Please looke at the large print to really appreciate it.  What do you see in it?

This is processed… First I did the High Pass Overlay to bring out the patterns.  then I added another layer and placed it under the High Pass Overlay and worked on the levels and also burned in where ever I saw an abstraction that seemed to look like something to me. I turned off the original background layer… and then saved it in a lightly larger photo size than I normally do so that it fills more of the screen when it is enlarged.

Mar 232010


Not having anything for the theme “thin,” and feeling that all my photos of the African Daisy were looking oh-so-boring — I decided to change the perspective and try to take some of the photos from the “thin” side of the petal.

Later when I looked at the other photos, I realized that no matter how these photos are taken, these African Daisy petals look like the late 60s/early 70s “flower power!”

Mar 132010

We are now starting off season at work thus I am looking around the office for tasks to do.  A customer asked if we had any 3XL T-shirts, so I pulled out ALL of the remaining T’s in the back room and those in the drawers, checked sizes and refolded them.  At first I decided to take photos of this “mundane” task.  But then it dawned on me that I was making “stacks.”  After that I concentrated on the order of the colors in the stack and made sure that some showed the words “Quartzsite, AZ” while others showed “RV Park.”  So this should just look like a random stack of t-shirts, it is, in fact, not random at all.

Oh, and we did not have any 3XL t-shirts.

Mar 082010

It rained all day yesterday and it is still very wet this morning.  Since we had bananas on hand, I decided that I really wanted a bowl of cereal… as I cut up the banana I realized I had a bowl of “circular,” and thus my honey nut o’s became my subject matter.  Since I had a still subject, I experimented with camera exposure and white balance and took about fifteen pics before my stomach protested and once again I had to eat my subject matter.

This was taken with my Canon PowerShot SD950 IS, Digital macro (as it is my only camera), ISO 640, exposure bias -0.33 ev, aperture f/2.8, shutter speed 1.20 with White Balance set on “tungsten.”  Most of that is by default.  The controls I used was to set the exposure bias and the white balance (and digital macro, my favorite setting).

I used Aperture to add vibrancy to the “o” and the banana slice to its left. I only have a few days left to my trial.

Mar 032010

Another find walking around the swap meets in Quartzsite.  This is a bucket of scissors which claim to be taken from people at airport security. Look how many different ones there are!  I didn’t find mind, though.  I considered using this for “Faith” since people put a lot of faith in the fact that security measures will keep them safe… but decided that was twisting the meaning of the theme a bit too much!

As with all my photos, shot with my Canon PowerShot SD950 IS.  ISO 80; 1/400 sec f2.8; focal 7.7 mm.  (This is what is recorded… I am not yet at point of controlling  these aspects.) The only post processing was to run it through “curves in Aperture 3.0 and then to save in a size amenable to the blog.