Jul 142013

reflections 1750

Monsoon Season is here… the water comes down hard… and the water evaporates almost as quickly.  Yup, you guessed it.  Our temperatures are down (low100s F) but the humidity is up.

I caught this on my way back from photographing a fallen Saguaro. I like the abstractness of the image.


Jul 082013

prince albert in a can lighter 1750

(ring – ring)
store: Hello
teenage girl: Hello, do you have Prince Albert in a Can?
store: Well, yes, we do.
teenage girl: Well you better let him out!
(hang up)
(giggle, giggle, giggle)

Tell me you didn’t think of this when you saw the can. I suspect with the invention of caller ID, it is impossible to do prank phone calls the way we used to do as kids. (Am I dating myself?)

I processed this with Topaz Lens Effect.

My college friend Carol talked me into seeing what they sell in tobacco stores.  We are both ex-smokers… and learned that we independently quit within months of each other in 1995.

Jul 042013

zipper 1745zipper simplify pencil on black 1747 zipper bleach bypass 1748zipper fisheye 1746

I’ve been watching a lot of the tutorials for Topaz and Aperture.  In this series, I took a simple photo of the zipper on my wallet and experimented with several of the Topaz products. From the left to right, top to bottom: Topaz B&W, Topaz, Topaz Adjust, Topaz Simplify and Topaz Lens Effect.  It’s fun to find a subject to play with.


May 012011

ISO 80; f/5; 1/400; 82.3mm (P-mode for side of road quick shot; no tripod)


Here is another shot of the onions.   When we first saw this crop we wondered if Yuma was now growing poppies!

And yes, this is the same farm land as in the previous photo… just shows how changing your point of view can change the shot.

I used Topaz Detail Desaturate Blush Detail with adjustments.




Aug 192010

ISO 80; f/5; 1/20; 58.1mm; 7:02 am (Program mode)

This bunny needs to learn that eating something as bright as Bougainvillea petals… will blow your camouflage.

When I saw the bunny, I pulled the tripod legs in so that camera could sit as low to the ground as I could get it without disturbing the bunny.  If the bunny was going to continue to put eating over safety, I was then going to take the camera off the tripod and try it at true ground level.  But the bunny would have none of that.  I sort of felt bad that I ruined his breakfast.

Aug 142010

ISO 80; f/8; 1/4; 11mm (Canon SX10)

Any guesses as to what this is?

Since coming back from my trip to NH, I’ve taken very few photos… its been just too hot… the only time I can get chores done is in the very early morning.  (Like now and I really have to get out there…)  I did take a moment to document one said chore.

Post processing done in Aperture. Rotated, cropped, and skewed the white balance and set extreme vibrancy while lowering the saturation.  Also darkened shadows and added 100% saturation to the blue hue.  Goal was to bring out the rough!

P.S.  I’ve had to concentrate my time on MostlyFiction… I’ll be back to enjoy and comment on your wonderful photos more consistently soon.