Apr 292013

capture 1718

We went to Algodones, Mexico a week ago Saturday.  It’s just over the border from Yuma, AZ. The main attraction is eye doctors and dentists and one can’t point a camera in any direction without seeing one or the other or both.   I like to shoot photos as I’m walking just to see what I capture — sometimes I see more in the photo than I noticed as a tourist.  I like this one the best of all that I took that day.  What do you think?


Alto means Stop – the man in the road is picking up pencils, but we don’t know if he dropped them or if someone else did.:

alto means stop 1718

A lot of my captures feature Carl in them because I’m always stopping… and he keeps walking.

capture 1719

A man is trying to sell a tri-legged stool embossed with a football team logo to Carl.  Of course Carl wasn’t interested, but that doesn’t stop him (or any of the vendors) from trying hard.

capture 1720

Since it was my birthday weekend, I treated myself to a new sterling silver necklace.  It was too long and so he took a piece off…  and then offered to sell that section as a bracelet.  The necklace was $30 — he offered to sell it for $20 since he was making it shorter, then he sold me the bracelet for $10.  For the set, I thought that was good.



May 062011

Another one from our trip over the border into Mexico. If anything ever looked like a “store front” this business did.  It appears that this door opens into the great outdoors, not inside a building.  If you are wondering about the metal structure in front of the store front… it appears to some kind of rack for a vendor to sell their wares, which means it hasn’t been a barbershop for some time.

May 012011

There are many reasons to go to Algadones, Mexico… several of which are shown on this street corner photo:  for the dentist, pharmacies and fish tacos.  I liked the primary colors on this street corner. Processed in Topaz Adjust – HDR Sketch and then run through the deNoise.

May 012011

Carl and I were walking down one of the less crowded streets in Algadones, Mexico when I spied this man who apparently makes and repairs handbags and other leather goods.  He wanted to know if I needed any repairs, which I did not. I asked if I could take his photo and he said for $1.  Unfortunately I didn’t have any dollar bills on me. (Next time I will!)  But he said I could take his picture anyway.  I got lucky that the one and only came out this well.  I ran it through Topaz Detail – Creative Detail settings, and used the blur fixer.

May 012011


ISO 80; f/4.5; 1/25 22.4 (Canon SX10, no tripod, heavily cropped)

I love these colors and textures!   There is so much crowded together in Algadones, Mexico, especially with signage, that I took this photo the best that I could, and then cropped out the unwanted parts.  Processed in Topaz Adjust – Topaz HDR Pop

Nov 252010

dentist waiting room 731ISO 125; f/2.4; 1/30 (iPod Touch)

Cropped  and then processed withTopaz deJpeg, Topaz Adjust/Simplify  and Topaz deNoise

We drove down to Algodones, Mexico this past Monday to have my teeth cleaned. First time doing this.  While waiting for the next dentist/hygenist, I decided to use my iPod Touch as a camera rather than read my book.  This woman had just had a procedure done and her husband is examining the work.  He had told me a few minutes before she came out that he’d been using this dentist for 5 years.  I liked the way she wanted the assurance that all was o.k. and he was giving it to her.