Jan 092010

Pelican, Daytona Beach

Still going through pics I’ve taken in the past, cropping and such to meet a theme.  Hope no one minds that I am doing this, but I’m so excited about finally being able to put these pics to good use, meaning that I can finally SHARE them.  I promise to go for a walk next week when I’m off work.  I live in a unique place, so we’ll see what I come up with then.

I took this on February 26, 2003 about 1:30 afternoon (for those that like to know what kind of light was available to me)  south of  Daytona Beach, Florida.  I believe it was found at an outdoor restaurant.  I can’t say that I was thinking the theme “arc” when I took the picture, but I did like the simplicity of the artwork.  Nice use of arcs, wouldn’t you say?

This picture would have been taken with one of our early Cannon Camera, a G2.

Jan 032010


This was taken at Fort Jefferson on Dry Tortugas Island off Key West in 2005.

To bring out the repetitious pattern, I cropped the image.  The original photo focused on the doorway arches more than the floor.  Looking at the pattern left behind on the floor you can well imagine the large cannons which once rested here.  The fort was actually never finished… thus the cannons were added and deleted without ever being officially used.