Jul 082013

carol in glasses 1748

My college friend Carol and I met in Wickenburg, AZ last Saturday. She’s been in AZ cleaning her parent’s home to prepare it for sale (and she must have done a fantastic job because it sold quickly). She found her Dad’s sunglasses… these are the kind that you slip over your everyday prescription glasses… and has been wearing them ever since.  Just a lucky shot that I managed to get poster with the sun wearing sunglasses in the image.  Carl thinks the glasses are funny and is wondering what super powers they give her!

Jun 242013

sentiment 1736


I met my college friend Carol again on Saturday (its been great having an opportunity to get to know her again).  This time she brought some photos she’s found around her parents house, which is she is preparing to sell.  We thought this was very intriguing — who was cut out of this image? Is the man in the background anyone?  What story do you see in the photo?

Jun 202013

ascend 1734

We watched this man ascend this new cell relay tower being installed in Quartzsite.  When he got to the top he started to rock the pole back and forth trying to get the straps free from the tower.   The zoom on my camera captured this perfectly, I think.


Apr 232013

vacation 1710

This family, especially the young girl, were quite frantic. The boat’s engine had died and the wind was blowing them further and further from the dock. When we first arrived at the boat ramp (in Alamo Lake State Park in AZ), we saw the man pushing the boat along with an oar and we assumed, since they were on the wrong side of the buoys that the were aground. But soon after this thought, we heard the young girl’s blood curdling plea for HEL-L-L-P!!! We were only on shore and couldn’t do much but look around to see if anyone else was noticing this desperate, frantic cry. And yes, suddenly all the men coming into the docks were on their way back out to help this family.

I took this with my new Canon Powershot SX 50Hs which has a super zoom  lens… not the best picture but better than I would have been able to get with the older camera. Can you see the young girl hollering for help? And what about the young boy (furthest to the right) who is looking towards shore, when everyone else is yelling & waving towards the dock.

I don’t think they were ever in danger; they yelled at one point that they were taking on water and I studied the water line but there was no evidence of it sinking.  Still, I find this photo rather humorous, probably because I never thought any harm would happen to them outside of creating some horrible childhood family vacation memories.

Apr 062013

action 1706

Carl and I head out for a ride in the desert on our Canam 2-up quad. This unusual camera angle gives the image the feel of action. To be honest, the pictures an accident I started to take a picture, but Carl started driving again and I gave up on the picture but the 2-sec delay kicked in as may arm was lowering the camera — in other words, I doubt I could repeat this again with good results.

Mar 172013


lunch 1694

This is the woman who made the man in the canoe (see previous photo). I don’t know either of them, but they do represent the general population here in this small town, which is mostly senior citizens.  This photo is taken in the Mountain Quail Restaurant and from her signature on the canoe, her name is Mary Seely.

Feb 202013

handmade 1687

This woman is working on a new quilt blanket during the show. Or maybe , she is a wizard a la Harry Potter…

By the way, I am finding myself getting more bold in my portraits and actually asking people if I can take their pictures rather than just sneaking… it does make a better portrait when the subject looks at the photographer.

Feb 172013

book 1681



I saw this man sitting in the sun and reading his book when I was walking back from the Quartzsite Annual Quilt Show (yes, quilt photos are coming!).  This was taken with the Canon SX10IS at 100 mm zoom, and possibly digitally pushing the zoom more .  I also took other photos, backing  off the zoom to show him more in his surrounds, but I liked this one the best.  I doctored it up in Topaz Simplicity and further edited it in Aperture.