Jul 142013

NIght Ride Home 1753

I have not been using the Topaz setting Spicify. I know lots love this tool but I always found it too severe. Well after my week of tutorials (I know how to have a good time on vacation!) I decided to not be so afraid of it. If the tutorials have taught me anything, it is that the settings are just a starting point. I tweaked this one within Topaz and then more in Aperture. I’m still more comfortable adjusting colors in Aperture than in either Topaz or PSE.

Last week of June, Carl and I set out for a night ride on the ATV to see if this was a way to enjoy the desert without the heat. Anyway, we decided this was not such a good idea as one can not really see all that well in the dark… we realized the dangers when we mistook a landmark (remember this tree?) and just veered slightly to the right rather than to the left and could have gone crashing down a cliff-like embankment.

The title refers to one of my favorite Joni Mitchell songs, which always comes to mind around the 4th of July.

May 062012

I didn’t do my homework very well… the goal was to take a photo of the full moon and a Saguaro Cactus. However, I chose Plomosa Road which is north on 95, forgetting that Saguaro thin out up there. This is an Iron Wood tree which has yet to blossom.

Oct 062010

ISO80; f/4; 13 secs; 15.4mm; 7:46pm (Canon SX10 on Tripod with 2-sec timer)

The park is still in the midst of the big sewer dig and somehow the diggers nicked an electric wire… which put the electricity out for half the park.  This was the same day as the “massive” afternoon storm, which probably made the repairs that much more difficult.  This truck pulled up after dark in the site across from our RV to replace the whole electric box unit.  I decided to pull out the camera and tripod and see what I could do with bright strobe light.  I’m positive that my fellow residents have confirmed that I’m a crazy woman for taking photos of the truck in the dark… but isn’t that the cost of our hobby? The strobe light didn’t work out the way I expected, but I do like the results anyway.

Aug 292010

ISO 80; f/5.7; .5s; 100mm; 3:53am (Canon SX10 on Tripod, Shutter Speed Priority)

I’m stretching a theme again. This is from other morning when we got up after the power outage.  As you can see it was full moon storm, how much more fancy can a storm get.  I’m just sorry that more pictures didn’t come out well.  I think I chose a shutter speed that was too slow for how much the clouds were blowing around. I debated about posting this.  As long as it is NOT viewed in its original size, it seems passable.

Aug 282010

ISO 80; f/2.8; 15.0s; 5mm; 4:17am (Canon SX10 on tripod with timer)

The power went out for the whole town of Quartzsite Wed early morning when wind sheer cut down to wooden telephone poles at the ground.  We woke up around 3am… and with no air conditioner it was impossible to go back to sleep.   So we got up and sat outside to enjoy the light show and storm breeze.

I suspect that I’m pushy the theme here… might be better as a Friday walk assignment for “swirly, curvy?”

Jun 272010

ISO 80; F/5.7; 1/125; 100mm; 5:24am

The experiment using the snow setting on the moon failed.  I tried that last night with the same camera that I used to take the “darkness” RV photo.

The moon was still out this morning when we got up — I think that might mean we got up to early — so once again I was taking pics before I had my coffee. This was taken with the SX10… it’s what I hoped for, but still I never expected I get this much detail.  I plan to try in a few more nights/days when the moon has waned a bit.