Mar 212011

ISO 80; f/4; 1/4; 13.4mm (Canon SX 10)

I started a new job today at our local bank as a New Accounts Representative… although by bank standards our dress code is rather casual, it was impressed upon me that we should always look pressed. Hence my two new tools… an iron with lots of steam and a counter top ironing board, just about the right size to be used in an RV. Although the Warning sign pertains to making sure the RV is vented when cooking, I couldn’t help but get a chuckle out of this message in relation to my new tools and my new job.

Anyway, good news is that I now have a full time job with benefits. Bad news is that I have less time for photography. Given that I seemed not to have enough time before…. well let’s just see how this plays out.

This was processed in Topaz Simplify using the Sketch Color preset.

Dec 222010

ISO 80; f/3.5; 1/10; 10. 4mm (Canon SX 10, no flash, no tripod)

ISO 80; f/3.5; 1/10; 10.4 (Canons SX10, no flash, no tripod)

I’m reaching back to November themes to show off Carl’s early Christmas/Birthday present.  He is making a Quad Helicopter from a kit, specifically the AeroQuad.  Eventually the plan is to add a camera so that it can take photos from the air.   Not sure if it will be one of MY cameras…  anyway, this is fairly cool technology.  Carl’s says that this little board (once completed)  is all you need to make the Segway work.  The red pieces are a 3-axis gyro and a 3-axis accelerometer (used to measure acceleration and is what helps it stand still, which is why it will make a great platform for a camera).

Personally, I like how there is so much red and green in the photo, which makes it look like a Christmas present.

Nov 172010

Wooden Clothespins 729ISO 80; f/2.8; 1/40; 7.7mm;  Digitial Macro Mode (Canon Powershot SD950 IS)

These clothespins are inside a red hanging bag with the sunlight behind the bag.  Combination of  Topaz and Aperture post processing.

Sep 032010

ISO 80; f/5; 1/50; 51.7mm ; 6:58mm(Canon SX10 in P mode)

When we drove up to Lake Havasu City on Wednesday,  a fast moving truck went past us on the narrow road and tossed a rock into our Prius’s windshield.   It was repaired this morning by a mobile service that drove up from Yuma and was here before 7am!

It’s not often that you see a windshield open in this way!

I used the dodge, burn and polarize brushes in Aperture.

Aug 162010

ISO 100; f/3.2; 1/5;7.3mm (Canon SX10)

Processed with Aperture preset JW Vignette, which basically changed the white balance temp to 4800 kelvin and skewed the tint for more green blue.

This is our task today… defrosting the fridge.  Taking advantage of the warm temps.

Jun 262010

ISO 80; f/2.8 1.0s 7.7mm; 5:10am  (Canon SD950 IS Elph)

Carl was up making coffee at 5am this morning.  Sun wasn’t even up yet,  but there were some beautiful rays peaking over the mountains.

I realized that I was looking at “darkness” and started shooting photos before I got out of bed. Post processing makes it look more daytime than it is… but I like the color.  As you all know by now, we live in an RV… this gives a nice look at our condensed lifestyle.

By the way… to get this to stay dark with the point and shoot camera… I used the “snowman” scene which prevented the camera from adding more light to the scene as it was wont to do.  I know I say I never use these canned settings, but this morning it made all the sense in the world.  I think I’ll try this trick tonight on the full moon.   And if that works, and assuming I find some fireworks… I’ll try it on them as well.

Jun 092010

ISO80; f/5.6; 0.5s; 5mm (mini tripod; self-timer)

This is from this morning, post coffee.  Thought I’d experiment with the set up again. In yesterday’s picture the overhead light is on and gives it more of a yellow look, as if the morning was dark and we needed light.  In this picture I just used natural daylight.  I think using the mirror also brightened it up.  The difference in the time of day is only about 15 minutes (we were up earlier today than yesterday).