Mar 142010

Because I had the office door open, which let in the beautiful sunlight, it was easy to see that the floor hadn’t been swept all week.  So I pulled out the broom and started to gather up all the dirt to sweep out the doorway.   Obviously, it was about that time that I remembered the Friday assignment!  To me sweeping is one of the more mundane tasks one can do.  Taking a picture of it, isn’t.

I crop this photo to focus on the light in the doorway.  I also created an overlay layer (at 50% opacity) and used the high-pass filter at a radius of 4 pixels.  It made a very, very subtle change in the photo.  I really think this one has to be viewed in its larger size to appreciate it.

Well, I’m back to do some more mundane tasks… lunch break is over!

Mar 132010

Since I work on the weekends (starting Friday), I usually can’t do the “Friday Assignments” until later in the week, if at all.  “Documenting the mundane,” well that’s a natural for me!

I had just finished making lunch and was washing up, when I looked down and remembered the assignment!  I took several pictures, but this is the one I like the best.  I used the automatic setting, which defaulted to the flash going off.  Then I took several more, changing the exposure, without the flash.

Here is one without the flash:

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Jan 182010


This was taken October 26, 2008 at the Rhyolite Ghost Town outside Death Valley.  This is the Cook Bank.  I hope you can see the doors and windows in this picture (or is just me knowing what it is?)

This is also one that can be used for the mini-assignment: Viewpoint.  I had taken several different pictures before I decided to stop trying to capture the whole bank structure, but instead to just trying standing in front and looking up.

Jan 172010


Last summer I took a lot of photo bike rides.  We stayed in Tucson, AZ for two months. As it was the two hottest months, July and August, it was most feasible to get up and out early.  Some days I just rode my bike and never stopped; other days, it was amazing I got any exercise at all because I would be so distracted by the photo opportunities.

In this photo, I was experimenting with the camera’s macro feature.  I was pleased that I managed to make my little camera behave like an SLR in that the flower buds are in focus and the background is out of focus.  And I was happy with the original shot.  I was thinking of using this for my “pink” shot, but just as I was getting ready to post, I decided to crop the image — just to see.  To my surprise, I like the cropped image better.

Below is the original photo: