Jul 302010

ISO 80; f/3.2; 1/80; 7.6mm; 6:51 pm

It rained yesterday. Not for long, but long enough.  The sky was so full of clouds that it made for a terrific sunset.

I’m still having trouble capturing the right colors in the sky either at sunrise or sunset.  I’ve played with the white balance in the camera and no luck.  So I used Aperture to bring out the colors as I saw them and had Carl verify for quality control!

Isn’t this an amazing sky?

Jul 272010

I think my whole vacation was a (failed) exercise in low light… or else a ultra successful exercise in blur.  Here I was thinking that I was finally mastering the concepts of photography, only to discover if you take me out the ideal blue skies of Arizona, I’m hopeless.  Anyway, I recognized early on in the vacation that my photos were not coming out well.  So I took the opportunity to try different settings while Fred (as in my mom’s boyfriend, the one featured in the Outdoors photos in previous blog entry) played music for the three of us.   I told you he’s a renaissance man.

ISO 400; f/3.5; 1.0s; 6mm (Canon SX10) Continue reading »

May 292010

Yesterday morning I was up and out early — still not early enough to catch the 5:30ish sunrise, but still early enough to catch a bit of softer light. I stayed close to home, visited the site at the end of my row located on the East Wash.

I decided to work on Karen’s mini assignment since it would also help me learn a bit more about my new camera.

Lesson 1

ISO 125; f/8;  1/125; 16 mm;  no post processing

ISO 80; f/4;  1/320; 16 mm;  no post processing

A few comments on the above two photos: Continue reading »

Mar 312010

Looking for a subject that I could photograph throughout the day, I settled on this silly frog. Normally, it sits on a rock, but I decided that putting it about eye level in the Palm tree would help with consistency when shooting (which it turned out not to really work this way).  Also, the Palm tree itself offers nice texture.

First shot was taken at 6:25 pm… this frog is facing west, into the setting sun. Something is making a shadow in the photo… is it me?

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Mar 252010

Tuesday morning was overcast and I was able to see these Argentine Cactus blooms mid-morning. They are night blooming thus if it had been a bright sunny morning, the blossoms would have wilted.. in fact, many were all ready “gone.”

I realize that this is a bit of a distortion on mini assignment #3…

The double photos below were done in Adobe Photoshop Elements (which I already own and should be happy with) and Lightroom 2. I’m driving myself crazy evaluating applications.

Photo Above: Processed in PSE — with levels adjusted & high pass overlay for petal details.  Sponge used to saturate bee and the pink part of the flower.

Photo Below:  Processed in Adobe Lightroom 2.  Used Preset:  Tone Curve – Strong Contrast.  Used brush to bring out bee in flower, but not all that successful.  Actually tried about 1000 things since I don’t know what I’m doing and am just evaluating this copy.  But this is what I settled on.

Below: This is my photo of “gone blossoms.” I really didn’t do anything to this photo.

Mar 142010

More things that are part of my normal weekend. We have fruit trees throughout the park.  People bring in their extra fruit to share with other residents.  These are some of the grapefruit.

This is not cropped; it is a macro shot.  In PSE, I selected just the grapefruit, none of the table, and did auto smart fix, which brought out a bit more of the sun (from the open door) shining on the grapefruit.