Jul 152013

twister 1753

I caught this dust devil while we were coming back from Joshua Tree National Park yesterday. We were on the western end of I-10 driving about 80 mph (speed limit is 75 mph). I guess all my years of taking pictures from a moving car have paid off!  Not to mention a little help from Aperture to correct for the tinted window… and Topaz Clarity.

A dust devil, like a tornado, is a weather phenomenon. Dust devils form as a swirling updraft under sunny conditions during fair weather, rarely coming close to the intensity of a tornado. According to Wikipedia,  certain conditions increase the likelihood of dust devil formation: Continue reading »

Jul 142013

i-60 1752

After the rains on Thursday, we took a road trip to Surprise, AZ to pick up a few things at Trader Joe’s. We take the old route 60 rather than I-10, which is very scenic and offers better gas mileage for our Prius. I always love when we get the part of the trip where we start to see the layer of mountains in the distance. Normally, it is clear blue skies. These monsoon clouds added an extra layer to the landscape .

Jul 032013

railroad tracks 1741

This is a railroad bridge found when driving on AZ-95 near Parker, AZ. I’ve had this image on my bucket list to shoot for quite some time and since I had a dentist appointment in Parker  yesterday– and was by myself — I stopped on the side of the road to finally take a photo.

One of my staycation goals is to learn more about using the Topaz suite of products. I used tone mapping on this photo to help bring out the Wild West look.   Continue reading »

Jun 072013

sand 1731


Imperial Sand Dunes in Glamis, California.

We took a drive on Sunday to visit the Desert Tower Museum on US-8.  The Desert Tower Museum commemorates the completion of the original road over the mountain pass.  Part of building the road was figuring out a way to cross the Imperial Sand Dunes given the constant shifting sands.  The original road was a plank road.  If you are interested, here is the full story: http://www.desertusa.com/sandhills/plankrd.html

Mar 292013

Joshua Tree in Bloom 1703

Joshua Tree in Bloom 1702

Joshua Tree in Bloom 1704

Joshua Tree in Bloom 1705Of

Joshua Tree National Park in California in bloom. We visited on March 24, 2013. This is something that I’ve always wanted to see! When I had read in DesertUSA that the trees were in bloom, I suggested we take a drive… it is only 90 miles west of here.

Joshua Tree National Park consists of two deserts, the Colorado (a.k.a. Sonoran Desert) and the Mohave Desert. Each supports different plant life, although as you’d expect some plants, such as the Mohave Yucca, exists in both deserts. The Joshua Tree is uniquely a Mohave Desert species.

Jun 182011

ISO80; F/8; 1/160; 29.2mm 4/17/11 5:42pm (Canon SX10)

I’m so far behind on this PhotoWalk project!   I took this in April with this theme in mind and I’m finally getting around to posting it.

This was taken from the park on Lake Havasu in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.  That’s California on the other side.5

May 012011


ISO 80; f/4.5; 1/25 22.4 (Canon SX10, no tripod, heavily cropped)

I love these colors and textures!   There is so much crowded together in Algadones, Mexico, especially with signage, that I took this photo the best that I could, and then cropped out the unwanted parts.  Processed in Topaz Adjust – Topaz HDR Pop