Apr 202013

impressionist 1711

Took several pictures of the solid field of flowers… but this patch was nearby and just had a sparse few. It reminded me of an impressionist painting and thus I applied the Topaz Buzz Sim (with detail turned up) to it– and it turned exactly as I wanted. This was found outside of Yuma (near the date shake farm).

Apr 132013

/cactus bud 1707

cactus bud 1706 (1)

cactus bud 1709

cactus bud 1708


These were taken last Sunday (same day as the rattlesnakes) — this is a new camera and the photos are in RAW.  I am having to learn how to use my tools all over again, thus it took me all week to prepare the for posting.

The last two are obviously not a bud… but thought you’d like seeing what these cacti are capable of — truly awesome, don’t you think?

By the way, these buds and blossoms are on the Staghorn Cholla cacti.

Mar 292013

Joshua Tree in Bloom 1703

Joshua Tree in Bloom 1702

Joshua Tree in Bloom 1704

Joshua Tree in Bloom 1705Of

Joshua Tree National Park in California in bloom. We visited on March 24, 2013. This is something that I’ve always wanted to see! When I had read in DesertUSA that the trees were in bloom, I suggested we take a drive… it is only 90 miles west of here.

Joshua Tree National Park consists of two deserts, the Colorado (a.k.a. Sonoran Desert) and the Mohave Desert. Each supports different plant life, although as you’d expect some plants, such as the Mohave Yucca, exists in both deserts. The Joshua Tree is uniquely a Mohave Desert species.

Mar 032013

bush in wash flowers 1690

I was walking home through the wash yesterday when I saw this flowering bush. I’ve seen this one and similar many times but usually we are on the ATV and moving too fast for me to get it. I do not know name the name of the bush/flower.

The top photo has been processed with Topaz Detail and Topaz Simplify (Buzz Sim 2) which brings out a bit more of the yellow in the flower.

The photo below is the natural bush in the wash.

bush in wash 1689