Aug 172013

yellow hibiscus 2 1770

yellow hibiscus 1769

I took these photos of our yellow Hibiscus flowers in June when we first bought this plant (which we later discovered is technically a tree, which may explain why it doesn’t like being in a pot). I intended to use the shots for the “yellow” theme but no matter how I processed them, they remained “blah.” Pretty flower, but not very photogenic. I tried Topaz Clarity, Detail… playing around in Aperture… but all just looked overdone… and still “blah.”

Because it is just too hot today (113F), I decided to stay in and learn more about the new Topaz ReStyle which I still have on trial.  I had been experimenting with it… but had not taken  the tutorial.. which is an hour long… dowser.. there is so much more to this tool than just the pretty colors! It’s interface is so sophisticated, yet easiest to use. And I like the results.  I’m fairly sure I’ll be purchasing it while it is still one sale.

My other goal for today was to make a personalized birthday card to post on face book for one of my childhood friends.  I brought the top photo into PSE, added words and a frame and it’s done.

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Jun 302013

garden fresh 1736
I miss growing my own tomatoes… grocery store tomatoes are so tasteless, even the vine-ripened ones. However, these “ugly” heirloom tomatoes are about as close to garden fresh as can be found.

Jun 162013

grass 1735

You can’t imagine how great this feels to us desert rats!  Carl and I took a drive up to Lake Havasu City today and ate our to-go lunch from Panda Express  at Rotary Park… and walked both in the water and on the grass after lunch.  What a treat!



Jun 182011

ISO80; F/8; 1/160; 29.2mm 4/17/11 5:42pm (Canon SX10)

I’m so far behind on this PhotoWalk project!   I took this in April with this theme in mind and I’m finally getting around to posting it.

This was taken from the park on Lake Havasu in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.  That’s California on the other side.5

May 012011


ISO 80; f/4.5; 1/25 22.4 (Canon SX10, no tripod, heavily cropped)

I love these colors and textures!   There is so much crowded together in Algadones, Mexico, especially with signage, that I took this photo the best that I could, and then cropped out the unwanted parts.  Processed in Topaz Adjust – Topaz HDR Pop