Jun 122013

tree 1733

It’s really too hot for a desert ride this time of year… but we took a quick trip on Sunday anyway. Although it was a beautiful sunny day, this tree made me want to experiment with Topaz B&W (after I ran it through Topaz Clarity).

You can see “Q” Mountain in the background..   The Q is for Quartzsite.

After seeing Ron’s comment, I decided to post the original…  so why would I take away the colors?  Because I could.

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Mar 172013


lunch 1694

This is the woman who made the man in the canoe (see previous photo). I don’t know either of them, but they do represent the general population here in this small town, which is mostly senior citizens.  This photo is taken in the Mountain Quail Restaurant and from her signature on the canoe, her name is Mary Seely.

Aug 292010

ISO 80; f/5.7; .5s; 100mm; 3:53am (Canon SX10 on Tripod, Shutter Speed Priority)

I’m stretching a theme again. This is from other morning when we got up after the power outage.  As you can see it was full moon storm, how much more fancy can a storm get.  I’m just sorry that more pictures didn’t come out well.  I think I chose a shutter speed that was too slow for how much the clouds were blowing around. I debated about posting this.  As long as it is NOT viewed in its original size, it seems passable.

May 082010

(ISO 80 F/8 1.160)

On one of my recent morning bike rides, I saw this ball on the side of the road.  Thought it was curious enough that I stopped to see what I could do with it, especially with the nice desert shadows. So, I pretended to kick it. Immediately learned that it is no easy task to balance on one foot and hold the camera steady…. Continue reading »