Jan 092010

Pelican, Daytona Beach

Still going through pics I’ve taken in the past, cropping and such to meet a theme.  Hope no one minds that I am doing this, but I’m so excited about finally being able to put these pics to good use, meaning that I can finally SHARE them.  I promise to go for a walk next week when I’m off work.  I live in a unique place, so we’ll see what I come up with then.

I took this on February 26, 2003 about 1:30 afternoon (for those that like to know what kind of light was available to me)  south of  Daytona Beach, Florida.  I believe it was found at an outdoor restaurant.  I can’t say that I was thinking the theme “arc” when I took the picture, but I did like the simplicity of the artwork.  Nice use of arcs, wouldn’t you say?

This picture would have been taken with one of our early Cannon Camera, a G2.