Sep 132008

September 13, 2008 –Today, we left Barkeyville and hit the Ohio border by 9:36am continuing along Interstate 80. This brought us through Akron, where we got on 71; then to Columbus and 70, and through Springfield around Dayton and we reached the Indiana Border by 3:30. And the Illinois border two hours later. Didn’t take photos but probably should have.  Our impression of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois — the “heartland” of America — is that these states really do something besides cater to tourists and small businesses. They grow lots of food — for one thing — and the cities seem to host quite a few large corporations.  Anyway, it is a much different feel than New England.  Carl and I like to watch the corn grow in Hollis, NH — one of the reasons we drive out to get an ice cream on weekends.  The farms that we saw today make Hollis look so quaint and inefficient!  

Spent the night in Troy, Illinois after traveling nearly 600 miles.  I don’t see that I wrote the exact mileage down!

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