Jul 032010

ISO 80; f/5; 1/640; 43.4mm; 8:14am (P mode)

ISO 80; f/5.7; 1/500; 100mm; 8:14am (P mode)

While waiting for a bird to show up for the Saguaro Fruit photo… I got a bit distracted with this old part of the Saguro cactus.  In post processing, I worked on detail and hue.

Not so sure why I stayed in P mode while on the ladder… but might have had something to do with my early morning attempts at the sunrise.. which came out in all the wrong colors.  And then later I had a bunch of blurry bird shots.  I guess I was tired of trying and just wanted the photo to come out right.

Time to go back and read the camera book again.

  5 Responses to “Another Cactus Abstract”

  1. Really nice textures here! It’s amazing what you find when you look up close to things you pass every day.

  2. great macros tha would fit the Macro Monday challenge perfect!

  3. How would you like someone with a camera zooming in on you peeling old skin when your fresh young babies were there to be looked at! Some photographers have no consideration for a cactus’ feelings, No wonder she got all spikey!

  4. I really like the way these came out, Judi! I especially like the first one. The textures and colors are amazing! Nice job.

  5. Like the detail and yes I can feel those sharp spikes, Ouch!

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