Sep 292010

looking down on dog on deck 686D is for looking Down on Dog on Deck…

No post processing except a crop.

  11 Responses to “ALPHABET CHALLENGE: D is for Dog”

  1. Great perspective! Certainly looks like he’s expecting/waiting for something!

  2. Dog looks happy in response!! Cute perspective!

  3. I really like the perspective of looking down on the dog. The ball beside him and the streak of light make for a great composition.

  4. Way to cute Judi!!

  5. He’s ready to roll!

  6. Eager personified!

  7. This guy makes me smile…”Wanna play?? Pleeeeaaaaasssse” What a happy face!

  8. Cute! So expectant. Is that the famous beach ball or an offspring?

  9. Devotion not “Devoyiom”

  10. And Devoyiom, and Digging, and Dog Biscuits (Treats) and doting parebts too! LOL

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