IMG_8150My name is Judi Clark and I am an amateur photographer.  I decided to participate in the 2010 Virtual PhotoWalk because I have been fooling around with photography since I was a kid but I still don’t feel like I know what I’m doing outside of a few lucky shots.

My very first camera was a Brownie camera passed down by dad when I was still in elementary school. This was replaced with an instant camera (with cube flash bulbs) when I was in my early teens.

When I went on a road trip to Colorado with my grandparents, I shot 22 roles of film (nearly all 36 exposure) .  This is when I first leaned about film speed. And film developing costs. I remember how much my parents freaked out when they saw all those roles of film that needed to be developed.  Hmmm…I wonder whatever happened to all those slides.

During a break from college studies, I briefly worked for the Police Department developing film from crime scenes.  First and only time that I worked in a dark room.  There was one set from a suicide that I’m still not sure how well I developed them since I had a really hard time looking at what I was doing.  Back then, we didn’t see as much graphic stuff on TV and it was a bit of shock.

Sometime after college, I invested in my first (used) Cannon 35mm camera and that was the first time that I started to find it more interesting to take pictures of “things” other than people, like buildings, plants, food and anything that had interesting color or pattern.

I took that camera with me on a 4 week Eurorail trip with friends. Many of the pics from that trip were good enough to frame. I give the camera more credit than my own skills set.

That camera was a victim of a swamped dinghy ride off the coast of Maine.

I loved that camera so much, I bought another Cannon after losing this one.  That one only briefly saw some interesting adventures. It was destroyed when the single engine plane that I had been flying in, broke through the ice we landed on and… sank.  So there went cannon #2.

Cannon #3 was newer but never took as great pics as the two older ones.  I don’t even remember what happened to it.  I believe I got rid of it before moving onto our sailboat. Given the luck I had with cameras around the water, didn’t make sense to bring it with me.  Instead replaced it with small instant camera, which did not get used all that much.

A few years later we were back living on land and time to go camera shopping again. (The one we had on the sailboat was too salted up to work anymore.)

I think I was born to own a digital camera.  Our first was a Sony, 800 megapixel resolution and stored images on a CD.  Very limited as to how many pics one could take at a time, and hardly the resolution of a film camera, but still the freedom to click-click-click was there.  Instant gratification. Instant deletion of crappy ones.

I’m not going to go through our whole camera buying history but suffice it to say, we have done our fair share in supporting the market.  Since we no longer have the high paying jobs that we once had, the chance of us upgrading to a Digital SLR is slim to none.  But that ‘s o.k.  I seem to be making good use of my current camera; which I love because it is small enough to always have with me.

What is it?  A Canon PowerShot SD950 IS Digital Elph with 12.1 mega-pixel in a titanium case, and 8-GB memory card.

Here is what DP Review has to say about my camera:


and another review of its European counterpart:


Oh, I should mention that I did have a job for 5 years taking photos of plush toys and creating catalogs from the images.  That said, I still consider myself an amateur because I used trial and error to take the photos… I still manage to botch up my own personal pics frequently enough to know that I have a long way to go before I can consider myself anything less than amateur. But, I do know a lot of ways to fix things in Photoshop and of late, Aperture.

-January 2010

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  1. Judi I made this reply to your second comment on my U3A post.

    Judi U3A is an International Organizatio. I don’t know your area, but HERE is the website for U3A Redcliffe, to let you know what os going on here, to help feed your thoughts. Have a look! It is so rewarding and what a way to make lifelong friends. I have been teaching indonesian language here for 1.5 hours a week for about 12 years with a 3 year break. Wonderful innovation.

  2. Loved reading your bio and your adventures! My first digital camera was a Sony Mavica FD – with the floppy disk. I would no sooner insert a new floppy, and have to insert another one! I am one of those people who take more than one snap of any given subject. Then I was able to purchase a Sony Mavica CD – with the mini-CD as “film.” This was great. Didn’t usually have to worry about running out of “film.” And I could wipe the disk and use it again. Then, when a shoulder injury kept me from raising the camera high enough to take even a point and shoot photo. Thankfully, my shoulder is better now and I’m able to again take some so-so photos. Look forward to seeing you around, Judi.

  3. Welcome Judi – Glad you could join us!

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