Jan 172011

ISO 80; f/5.7; 1/80/ 100mm (Canon SX10)

Last Wednesday I went for a walk through the Tyson Wells exhibit for the Gem and Mineral Show.  I spent nearly a half hour at this booth as I watched this glass blower make a glass pendant.   I am going to tell the story through themes… and will end with a composition of all the photos together.

This first one is liquid… as you can see the heat is turning the glass into a liquid-like form.

Below is an image of the glass blower at this table with the initial slice of glass that he started with.

ISO 80;f/4; 1/40; 16mm (Canon SX10)

That purple piece of glass is the foundation of a “glitter” glass pendant, which you will see in the end.

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  1. really nice shots and good job telling the story.

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