Jul 052011

We are hooked on the series Burned Notice… which got us very curious about Mojitos.  So, here is our first taste.  I think it could quickly become a new habit!

  8 Responses to “55. Mojito”

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever had one but after seeing this pic I WANT one

  2. Mmmmm Mojitos are great. Reminds me, I have not done any this summer – yet :-)

  3. I’ve never had one but your photo makes me think it would be just the thing for today…it is to be in the 90’s with 70 percent humidity!

  4. Looks inviting!

  5. I can’t believe it is still full lol Aren’t these wonderful?

  6. Looks so refreshing!

  7. It looks very refreshing! Do they have a non-alcoholic version, or would that be defeating the purpose? 😉

  8. Nothing tastier than a cold Mojito on a hot summer day. Hope you enjoyed!

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