Jul 052011


From our trip to Santa Barbara during Memorial Day weekend. Seriously, I don’t have time for this hobby!


  5 Responses to “53. White”

  1. This is a poppy variety I haven’t seen nor grown before. wonderful job photographing the different shades of white without blowing them out. Great detail and crop. I know the feeling about not enough time as I’m about 200 posts behind to view and haven’t posted much myself. Life is so busy especially in the summer. Keep at it even if it isn’t a daily posting. Lucky you to be able to go on a trip/getaway!

  2. White is tricky and these matilija poppies are perfectly shot, so nice. I love the plants, they look like fired eggs.

  3. Beautiful whites and I love that splash of yellow!

  4. White flowers are hard to photographs, but these aren’t blown out in the least. The framing sets them off to perfection.

  5. Beautiful!

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