Jun 182011

Waterfront dining made for a good opportunity to catch a silhouette of this couple enjoying each other’s company so much that they didn’t notice me taking pictures, nor did they take time to look at their menus.

I applied the “Chesney” setting that I created last year in Aperture, moved the black point all the way to really bring out the silhouette ¬†and then ran it through Topaz Simplify Oil Painting.

  11 Responses to “52. Interaction”

  1. Perfect for Interaction theme. I like the reflection and the color of this one

  2. I really like how you processed this image!

  3. How fabulous, I noticed the eyelashes first, great detail.The evening purple and the reflection are perfect.

  4. Nice – I love the color! Perfect — would not change a thing……

  5. Gorgeous–the purple is the perfect color to convey evening.

  6. Love your processing and choice of background colour.

  7. Gorgeous! Love the processing on this romantic silhouette.

  8. LOVE the name of your setting lol This is just drop dead gorgeous…the colors and the silhouette go together nice! Very romantic composition!

  9. Great silhouette..you can even see his eyelashes! The color glow is really striking.

  10. I love the bluish/purple against the silhouette. Nicely done!

  11. Lovely Mood shot. Looks like a young Walt Whitman!

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