Jun 182011

ISO80; F/8; 1/160; 29.2mm 4/17/11 5:42pm (Canon SX10)

I’m so far behind on this PhotoWalk project! ¬† I took this in April with this theme in mind and I’m finally getting around to posting it.

This was taken from the park on Lake Havasu in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. ¬†That’s California on the other side.5

  9 Responses to “50. CHAIRS”

  1. looks like a nice place to sit by the waterfront. Beautiful scenery on the other side

  2. Like the backlighting on the chairs. I agree with the comment about the direction the chairs are facing!

  3. I thought this looked familiar — we were there with Joey and Joyce! Great capture. Are you looking forward to your trip home soon?

  4. Great framing of the chairs between the trees with the beautiful mountains across the water.

  5. You have me wishing I were in one of those chairs w/ my feet up…so relaxing and peaceful! Beautiful!

  6. Looks like you were already enjoying summer at the time while we were still fighting drifts of snow. Love the yellow and blue color combination.

  7. Those seats look so inviting – but with the wonderful view behind them, I can’t imagine what is better to look at the way they are facing.

  8. I love the lighting on the chairs–and the invitation to relax!

  9. Seeing how the other half live – On two levels. Where are the Pina Coladas?

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