May 212011

This coyote has been roaming through the park in the early hours… but last weekend he came through again “late in the day”  — that is about 8:30AM!   I was driving back in from an errand and only had my Canon SD950 with me,  which isn’t zooming as quickly as it used to in its younger days.

The  coyote stayed in the shadows and thus you can hardly see him in the original image.   If it wasn’t for our cool photography software, I would have had to just delete this image.  But, I ran it through the HDR Stretch in Topaz Adjust, which brought him out of the shadows.  Then when I brought it back to Aperture, I adjusted the hues to get it back its natural colors.

When I cropped it, I decided to leave a lot of space between us and the coyote… to help give the feel of him sneaking past us. When I tried a crop to show his mangy self off, it lost some of that wild coyote feel.

You should see the bunnies scrambling whenever the coyote comes strutting through.

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  1. I like your explanation on your thought process. I wouldn’t want to get too close to one of those guys. We have them in Connecticut. Friends with small dogs are always on the lookout!

  2. It looks a bit white around the muzzle,maybe an oldtimer. Nice detail you captured. Here they have much more plush coats.

  3. I don’t think you would want to get to close to that fellow! Nice capture and processing.

  4. run, bunnies, run! Nice processing job. I don’t know what it looked like before, but you’ve done a great job salvaging it.

  5. Wonderful processing on this fine shot. He doesn’t look too concerned by your presence.

  6. It’s amazing they come out in day time. I thought they were nocturnal – and avoided humans. Guess not.

  7. I’m not surprised the bunnies scatter when I see the set of teeth this guy has.

  8. The road runner must be nearby if Willie Coyote is wandering through the Acme Caravan Park again! LOL. Love the image.

  9. Grat shot of the coyote! I’ve seen them loping across the frozen reservoir and, once, crossing a road in late May…but they tend to be shy here. You can hear them howling at night sometimes.

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