May 142011


This Baja Fairy Duster is a very busy plant… it has pods, leaves, petals and the fluffy red duster –some still in bloom and and others that have wilted or in the process of wilting.   I guess if one wanted a sample for a plant catalog, this photo would show a little bit of everything that you can expect of it.

This was taken in March… Iam  just now getting around to posting it.  Processing consists of removing one Saguaro cactus that was sticking up in the background like a sore thumb (or middle finger).  I used the detail paintbrush in Aperture to bring out the pods and the red fairy dusters — and used, then tweaked the Aperture default “quick fix” preset.  And that’s about it.  I tried a lot of different things in Topaz, but none of theme seemed to improve the picture.  I photograph these Baja Fairy Dusters whenever I see them… and have experimented with lots of different light.   But they never want to show themselves off the way that I see them.  Maybe someday when I have a new camera I’ll be able to capture the feather light fluffiness exactly the way that I want to.

The frame was done in PSE 9 with layers.

  4 Responses to “48. Fluffy”

  1. What a cool plant! I love how you captured so many stages of its growth

  2. I have never seen one of those…looks like a dust mop! :) I love that red and the way it is blowing in the wind!

  3. Love the bright red against the blue sky.

  4. This looks like arcacia to me any local Elephants or Giraffe would love to wrap their collective Tongues or tunks around that!

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