May 082011

We were on our way to pick up groceries in Blythe, California when Carl pointed out this old VW bus from Denmark.  He must not have realized that I had my camera with me, because I was then ordering him to “slow down” and “stay behind,”  “Get a little closer.”   When he finally decided that I either had the photo or not, it was time to pull into the passing lane, I noticed the second vehicle… by this time I knew I better not give any more instructions to my driver… and just shoot the best that I could.

The next photo shows where this VW Bus has been!

  10 Responses to “45. Through a Window”

  1. Wish is was me in that van

  2. What a way to see the world!

  3. Those kids of stickers can be quite a conversation starter. We have a map of the US on the side of our little travel trailer–we’re mssing only six states our of the lower 48. Lots of people in campgrounds stop to talk to us about it. We’ve even had a woman haging out of her car window at a toll booth yealling, “Have you really been to all those places?”

  4. That is one well traveled bus.

  5. Now that is fun…I love all the stickers…what a way to mark your travels.

  6. that bus must have a lot of stories it could tell

  7. That would be my ideal kind of lifestyle, to just pack up and follow the sun.

    • Mine too! Every time I try to do this… I find myself too poor to enjoy myself and so I get another job!

  8. Now I have that Beach Boy’s song in my head…”…I get around…” I’m glad I’m not the only one hollering at my driver when I see an interesting shot on the road.

  9. It must be wonderful to have a chaufeur to order around (sometimes) LOL. Great Drive bys.

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