Jan 112011

ISO 80; f/4; 1/1000; 5mm (Canon SX10 in P mode — or “stealth” mode)

Quartzsite is full up with with vendor tents selling everything and anything you can imagine.

There are a lot of things to photograph but I’ve learned that most vendors get nervous when they see me actually using the camera.  Thus, I keep the camera in P mode and get ready to take pictures quickly. It is easier to do this with SD950IS, but yesterday I decided to try the SX10.  This was my first walk through this particular tent and I was impressed with how well organized everything was and I took this shot because I like the way the way the light partially silhouettes the hanging tools against the tarp.

This was processed in Topaz DeJpeg, although it only needed a light touch.  I then used curves in Aperture to partially bring out some of the detail and then painted aspects with definition — I wanted to keep the image as close to how I saw the image when I took it.  Prior to settling on this, I took a look at what Topaz Adjust could do for the photo.  Is it just me, or do you also sometimes find it overwhelming to choose a particular effect?

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  1. Judi – Karen B and I have been doing the same thing when we go out shooting together. We explain that we are involved in a photo challenge and tell them a little about it and I think everyone but one said sure go ahead. Keep trying it’s easier the more you do it.

  2. I like the contrast of the image.

    I was at a farmers market last Fall and I was shy about taking pictures (I had my DSLR on a monopod, so it wasn’t exactly subtle!) but I found the vendors were agreeable when I asked if it would be alright if I took some pictures. I usually asked when I was making a small purchase. If I’m not purchasing I’ll explain that I’m taking part in a project designed to improve my photography skills and ask for permission. I’d rather get a “no” then an angry vendor if I’m just snapping away.

    • Thanks, Karen! I’ll try your explanation and see how it works. I did try to ask permission when I went out a few days ago.. but I’m always stumbling on my words. I like the way you express this.

  3. Fun to see such an ordinary scene photographed ….it’s the art in the everyday things. A neat choice for hanging.

  4. The silhouettes against the white background are great.

  5. I like the perspective of the image. Makes it very interesting. Also like the silhouettes against the grid.

  6. I think there’s just enough detail to make the image interesting, including the grid lines and the silhouetted tools etc.

  7. Very cool image (but I find myself ducking)! :)

    I do have a hard time picking the effects…I now know so many that it is hard to choose what would look best.

  8. I like the grid lines as well….

  9. Are silhouettes cheaper than regular goods Judi, the grid helps the image too.

  10. oh, it’s a pity, I missed your site till now. There are so pleasant pictures to look at. It’s also my experience: When I am seen with the camera, people sometims seems to get quite a bit … don’t know how to say …

  11. The partially silhouetted hanging tools on the grid background create an interesting image.

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