May 012011

ISO 80; f/5; 1/400; 82.3mm (P-mode for side of road quick shot; no tripod)


Here is another shot of the onions.   When we first saw this crop we wondered if Yuma was now growing poppies!

And yes, this is the same farm land as in the previous photo… just shows how changing your point of view can change the shot.

I used Topaz Detail Desaturate Blush Detail with adjustments.




  6 Responses to “39. Lots & Lots & Lots”

  1. Love the graphic sketch effect.

  2. I like this perspective of the onion fields as well as your processing.

  3. would love to be there at harvest time, can only imagine the scent in the air. very nice.

  4. Another new favorite…I just love the monotones w/ the sharp details….NICE!

  5. I’ve never seen so many onions growing together like this, really makes for a very interesting perspective.

  6. great shot – especially after viewing the other perspective. It’s dizzying – in a good way.

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