May 012011

I am starting to feel a bit more comfortable with the new job and finally am starting to get out a bit on the weekends.  Yesterday we drove down to Algadones, Mexico to get my teeth cleaned.  To get there we pass through Yuma, AZ.  One of our favorite activities driving into Yuma or even into Blythe, California is to see what vegetables are being grown.  The Colorado River allows these communities to farm the desert.

These are onions plants in nice neat rows.   Below you can see the trick to how these rows are maintained.

The top photo was processed in Topaz Adjust – color pop setting with some adjustments done in Aperture before and after.  The bottom photo is processed in Aperture alone.

I am disappointed in myself … I forgot to look at my camera settings and just started to shoot when Carl pulled over to the side of the road.   Thus the aperture was only at f/4 for the top photo. The Canon Powershot SX10 has limited aperture range and the best I could have done was f/8.. but still.

  3 Responses to “38. Roadside”

  1. I like all your onion field shots…different views and very interesting.

  2. Love the rows of onions leading the eye to the mountains.

  3. nothing to be disappointed about – it’s still a good shot. I love the bottom one – very clever way to keep the rows straight. I have passed through Yuma before, many moons ago.

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