Mar 152011

ISO 80; f/8; 1/125; 5mm; 5:11pm (Canon SX10 Super Macro Mode)

Processed in Topaz Adjust, HDR POP with vignette and a bit of burning through Aperture.

Rule of thirds says to avoid putting the center of interest, in the center.  But sometimes it is also o.k. to break the rule of thirds.

This blossom is only about a half inch and these “rocks” are pebbles.   The camera lens was held about a half inch away from the blossom in Super Macro Mode, which shoots wide angle only.

  6 Responses to “33. Center of Interest”

  1. Lovely…your processing is wonderful. After seeing “Unforgettable”, this really cleanses the mind!!

  2. Judi – this is a winner — should be framed. I love the colors, the light, the textures — NICE!

  3. I love this….the heavy textures w/ that simple little flower! Gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful . . . thanks for the explanation on how you achieved this fine photo.

  5. Amazing how that little daisy has sprung up between a rock and a hard place, great shot.

  6. this is a great shot. So much texture! Thanks for the explanation, too – I would have thought everything was larger. Rules, schmules!

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