Mar 042011

ISO 80; f/4.5; 1/1000 8.7mm (Canon SX10)

Not everything at the QIA Gem & Mineral Show is a gem or mineral.  This man is showing me an edition of the Time Life collection about gunfights in the old west.

  11 Responses to “31. Literature”

  1. Great composition. I really like how you composed this image.

  2. Great one . Luck you with a new book. Looks interesting.

  3. I think that I actually have that book. Is it valuable?

  4. So well composed, ‘take a look!’

  5. I can hear the rustling of the pages, love the composition!

  6. A classic! I don’t think real books can every be replaced. I would think the lighting on this would have been challenging, but the exposures are perfect.

  7. Now… if you could just get a shot of every page, you wouldn’t have to buy the book! 😉 Fun shot!

    • Actually, I did end up buying the book. There is one picture of a gunfight in Quartzsite… so I bought it to show it to Carl.

  8. I like how you see the hands turning the pages, wonderful composition!

  9. Is this where the moviemakers get all their ideas from when they have to put together a Western?

  10. What a cool departure from the norm! Obviously this man had a passion about this and found someone to share it with. Very nice!

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