Mar 042011

ISO 80; f/5; 1/400; 63.6mm (Canon SX10)

Hop you don’t mind more beads and stones…  but I promise this is the last one.   I find photography saves me money… instead of buying all these beads, I can just take their images home and marvel at them.  I’ve made the original size images into background images for my Mac.

  5 Responses to “30. Circular”

  1. Love the assortment of shapes and colors. I also like to go to Rocks and mineral shows.

  2. I really like the lines, textures and patterns here. Nice shot.

  3. What a great selection you have captured.

  4. I love this…all the different sizes and shapes and colors make for an outstanding image!

  5. Another fine assortment of colours and shapes, but just how heavy would something like those large round stones be to wear around your neck?

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