Jan 052011

ISO 80; f/8; 1/160; 7.7mm (Canon Powershot SD950 IS)

This is Carl.  He’s my best friend… and today is his 64th birthday. Here, in this photo,  we are in Blythe, California (20 miles west of Quartzsite, AZ) enjoying a treat at Starbucks before picking up some groceries.   A bit of a mundane birthday, but at least our weather is improving and the sun is back.

Processed with Topaz Simplify/Buzz Sim after dodging shadows on his face.

  19 Responses to “3. Best Friend”

  1. You look great Carl! Happy Belated Birthday to you! Are you and Carl going to get to do any traveling this year?

  2. A very nice portrait and celebrating a birthday with friends is always a good way to honor the event no matter what the activity.

  3. HB and I love the Buzsim look!

  4. Starbucks is a great place to spend a birthday!! Great color in this photograph. Hope he had a Happy Birthday.

  5. Happy Birthday to Carl! Looks like a nice day :)

  6. Great choice of processing, always like that effect.

  7. Well happy birthday to Carl! Looks like you both enjoyed the day!

  8. Doesn’t look 64! As always I like your processing. I am envious of the sun and warmth. In my town in CT school was canceled because it is suppose to snow today!

  9. 64?? Are you sure you didn’t switch the numbers around? Looks not even old enough to be drinking coffee! Happy Birthday, Carl!

  10. The processing not only gives the photo a painterly look, but it also lessens the distraction of the background and foreground, putting the focus on the subject.

  11. Nice processing – and Happy Birthday to Carl! He looks about 44…

  12. Sounds like a lovely birthday to me! I can tell it isn’t that warm, but I’m still envious of that sunshine. I like the effect you used on the shot. Happy Birthday to Carl!

  13. I like your processing. He’s a young 64! and lucky to have a great head of hair!

  14. Hi there – just discovered your blog in the 365 challenge. I’ll add it to my reader. Nice shot – I like the effect on the palm trees. Happy birthday, Carl! You look great at 64!

  15. Looks good to me. The quiet celebrations with best friends are the best.

  16. 64?, wow, looking good

  17. Nice processing. Happy Birthday Carl!

  18. Now Starbucks is the way to celebrate w/ good friends! Warms the soul and the friendship! :)

  19. Friends are ALL!

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