May 082013

falling to pieces 1727

My bucket list of things to try includes working with textures in PSE.

Two days ago, I threw this flower in my trash can at work. I liked the way it looked against the white trash bag and snuck my camera out for a shot of it. I wanted to create something “sad” from it and I worked on this a bit last night and this morning, using desaturation tricks and such between Apeture and Topaz. I was almost satisfied with it but not quite, but alas it was time to go to work.   Then as I was walking to work, I had an epiphany: what if I tried one of the Shadowhouse Textures?  So, I worked on it a bit at lunch in PSE, got the gist of what I needed to do, deleted it  and started over when I came home from work. What do you think?


  One Response to “2913-73 SAD or FALLING TO PIECES”

  1. The trash bag looks like a sheet…it really gives this a dreamy feel.

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