May 052013

room with a view 1 1727

room with a view two 1719

room with a view 3 1720

Stone cabins like this one can be found throughout the desert near Quartzsite, AZ. Many of the settlers were miners. Every time we visit one, it really makes us think about how life must have been for these rugged individuals.

We’ve been to this one a few times… but I never grow tired of it. Yesterday morning when Carl asked which direction to travel on the ATV, I chose this area because I thought the Saguaro cactus would all be in bloom. They weren’t. But, I had in the back of my mind that this would also be where I would concentrate on the theme “room with a view.”

The view in the photo above is of Quartzite. The air was “smoky” from the fires in Southern California and thus not the best view of the Mountains. ┬áThe fires are about 100 miles east of us.

The photos below gives a better idea of what the cabin looks like.

stone cabin front 1722

stone cabin 1721

  5 Responses to “2913-72 ROOM WITH A VIEW”

  1. My favorite is the window with a view of Quartzite. I would image on a clear day it is a great view.

  2. Took a lot of skill to fashion those cabins out of rocks without mortar. The last two photos are my faves.

  3. I like the bottom shot best; it just illustrates things so well. Great way to use this theme!

  4. NOw that is very cool (and a very cool way to frame a scene). I have always wanted to visit one of these, but never had the time…another thing on my bucket list!

  5. When I first went into the desert from the city, I thought “Fresh Air Smelled Funny” those windows would magnify that!

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